Tradition / Philosophy

It's a tradition: Swiss quality for the hotel and restaurant industry
Ever since Schwob AG was founded over 140 years ago, it has been committed to two main values -  tradition and innovation. Both now and in future, its Swiss location is of central importance. Thanks to our great experience we supply not only the hotel and restaurant industry but also clinics and residential homes.

In the course of our company's history, we developed a tradition of innovation under the motto "Look after the old – create the new". High-quality table, bed and bath linen are the focus of our productivity. We aim to provide creative designs, innovative manufacturing processes and personal, individual service. This is why Schwob AG has become a leading national and international supplier of high quality textiles in the course of its history.

Environment / Quality

Of utmost importance - quality and the environment
Quality and environmental management are accorded great importance at Schwob AG. Because quality in terms of durability and finish is our primary sales argument, we continuously invest in new technologies. For example, we supply table linen in linen, half-linen and cotton qualities. 

Ecology as a company value
Our broad range of measures in the interests of ecology and the associated certifications bear testimony to our commitment to eco-friendly processes.

Organic linen with Max Havelaar fairtrade certification
In our linen weaving mill we produce table and bed linen from certified organic and Max Havelaar fairtrade-certified textiles.



Textile manufacturing, care and services
The high-tech weaving mill with eleven jacquard machines is one of the most productive in the whole of Europe. From individual designs in all kinds of colour combinations, clever effects and logos to new designs developed in-house – the possibilities are almost endless. Because we value high quality and attention to detail, some processes are still finished by hand in the traditional way.

Laundry service included
In 2008 Schwob AG merged with three laundries. As a result, the Swiss hotel and restaurant industry now has a single point of contact that covers the entire value chain from textile manufacturing to textile care. Schwob AG is performing pioneering work with this model in Switzerland. We offer everything you need from a single source - as a competent partner for any requirements in the area of textile manufacture and care. This allows our customers to focus on success in their core competences.

People / Members of the Executive Board

Identity and continuity
Communication, consistency, cooperation and continuity in the management and staff structures ensure the successful fulfillment of the company objectives. As an employer we strive for long-term cooperative relationships with our 160 employees.

Experienced management team
The Schwob AG management team consists of four members, all of whom have many years' experience in leading positions.

Stephan Hirt
Chairman of the Executive Board

Schwob AG Daniel Tschumper

Daniel Tschumper
Member of the Executive Board
Head of Commercial

Claude Schärer
Member of the Executive Board
Head of Textile Care

Manuel Küng
Member of the Executive Board
Director of Sales